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I have an ounce mason jar that this recipe fits perfectly inside of and the texture is so light and fluffy it will not spill.

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It’s perfect ready to go in Best time to take supplements your hair first I’m going to show you guys how I pack packaged my little deep conditioning treatment up so I just added the mason jar half the mason jar then I applied a little bit of fabric to make it look cute I use black and white polka dots you guys can use any kind of fabric whatever you guys choose and then that’s Photographs that we can take a gander at of the particular guitar again we’re taking a gander at it by serial number.

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It hope you guys enjoy thanks for watching so I hope you guys enjoyed watching how to make your best time to take supplements own deep conditioning treatment at home and also wanna let you guys know really quick how to use it in your hair so what you first want to do is.

You want to give yourself a light shampoo and then you want because you want to get rid of all the product that’s already in your hair if you don’t already have products in your hair then.

You just simply want to rinse out your hair and then what you want to do is you want to apply the deep best time to take supplements conditioning treatment that you just made and then you want to apply it generously to the ends and also to The scalp where ever you have dryness so this will even benefit the skin in your scalp as well as.